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Fans View: Duck Magazines Anthony Bunn answers our questions

Fans View:Duck magazines Anthony Bunn Answers our questions on Stoke City Fc

Why are you a Stoke supporter?

A question I have asked myself repeatedly over the past 46 years or so! Like many football supporters I owe my footballing allegiances to my dad. I was born and raised in Sneyd Green, so slightly closer to Vale Park I think, but my dad was Stoke home and away every single game and brought me up to be the same. Matchdays with the old man were great, as he’d sit in the Gardeners Retreat or Michelin Social Club and tell his supporting stories, such as going Ajax on the Sunday night and supposedly be being back home on Thursday morning….he eventually rocked up at 9pm on the following Saturday after our home game that afternoon!

When was your first game and who was it against?

I’ll be dead honest: I don’t exactly know. My first ever memory was going to Barlaston as a nipper to see the League Cup brought back home. My first ever memory of going to a Stoke game was the infamous 1-0 win at Vale Park against Middlesrough – after the Butler Street Stand roof had blown off! I think I’d have been games before then, but a visit to sit in the Piggery does stick in your memory!

What’s your typical build up for a match day?

8:30: take my lad to his academy training. Walk to an oatcake shop with the other parents and get some breakkast. 11.10am: get home from training 11.45am: leave for the game 12.15pm to 2.55pm: sell the mag outside the club shop. We’ve swapped seats this year, and in our new block it’s far easier to get a beer at half time. I’ve never really had one when selling before, but the smaller crowds have been a godsend to getting some pre-second half anaesthetic inside me!

What’s the best away day you’ve been too?

Peterborough in the second leg of the Autoglass in 1992 takes some beating. Took half a day off work and me and a mate had a few before venturing to London Road as we thought we had blown the chance of a Wembley visit from the first leg. Oh ye of little faith! It was a very windy night, and a dreadful game. But I was right behind Warey’s free kick. Indeed, if the net hadn’t been there, I reckon it would have hit me flush in the face. The mental that followed has hardly even been beaten, but I remember the mother of all six yard box scrambles very late in the game at the other end of the pitch being celebrated as much as the winning goal itself. The celebrations after and the journey home are memories that will never leave me.

Who is the best Stoke player you’ve seen play live?

I’ll have to go top flight with this, so that is really unfortunate for the likes of Steino, Shezza, Chambo etc. It’s a toss- up between two: for being a pure footballer, and a player who made it seem so effortless I’d go for Nzonzi. A Rolls Royce of a midfielder. But I go to football for those special moments that are a bit rare. Players who get you out of your seat and do stuff that others can’t and won’t. So, it has to be Ricardo Fuller. I adore Ric – I’d crawl over a filed of broken glass just to hear him break wind through a walkie talkie.

What’s your assessment of this season, where do you expect Stoke to finish?

Dreadful, but I still see three worse teams than us. Somehow, I see us finishing fourth bottom after a 0-0 at Forest on the last day.

If Stoke were to implement one suggestion from a Stoke fan, what would your suggestion be and how could it help improve you’re Stoke experience?

I’d like to see a museum and programme/memorabilia shop by the ground. At present, hardly anyone goes there before 1.30pm – I stand there selling an hour before then and the advent of relegation has hit the matchday routine of many. We have a wealth of history, and a museum and shop would be a great way of celebrating that and getting people to the ground early and staying afterwards. Most Stokies simply go to the ground for the match – they need a reason to go earlier and stay later.

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Jose Gomes anyone?

According to the Sun, Stoke could hand the reigns to Gomes if they get desperate

If Stoke do bite the bullet and relieve Nathan Jones of his job, then the 49-year-old who was sacked by Reading earlier in October could take over. Gomes has allegedly wanted to stay in England, having recently turned down the chance to take over Europa League outfit Vitoria Guimaraes.

Where do you stand with Statistics?

What’s your stance on Statistics?

Not everyone understands or even sees Stats as a truthful reflection of the game they’ve just witnessed.

In a way, stats can be used to sway the viewpoint you want to portray one way or another.

The most controversial stat been banded around now is xG. A stat that rates the probability of a chance been scored, based on the ability of the player taking the shot, the position of the shot & the defenders around the player trying to stop the shot. So basically the higher the xG for a chance to score, the more likely of that chance will end in a goal.

Problem with xG is,even though a side may get a high xG score for the game that they lose it can be read two ways.

It could read as the losing team didn’t deserve to lose, they had been unlucky or that the losing side had really poor strikers who could hit a barn door with a banjo.

That’s been Stoke’s problem so far this season, even though we are not allowing many gilt edge chances for a team to score past us, the fact we allow quiet a few of these low scoring chances the probability that a side will score one is high and they usually do so.

Stoke attacking on the other side have missed quiet a few gilt edge chances which pushed our xG up. Our ability to miss chances from 5 yards out, with nobody to beat has made Stoke statistically look a better side than they are.

Stats can never be used to show a reflection of the game as the game is about scoring goals. The best side scored more goals end of. Whether that side only touched the ball 100 times in the game and had one shot, they still won the game

Stats can help to analyse the game by collaborating actual footage as all team analysts to when they show the team the game back the next day. To show how they can improve, but stats cannot be used without any basis behind it.

Possession stats are a prime example of this. Looking at possession stats, saying we bossed a game because we had 70% possession could just mean, and most likely is that we just passed the ball between the back 4 & the opposing team conceded possession until the ball went it to their own half.

Do you look at stats and try to find positives, or do you just let the scoreline reflect the performance

Fans View: Tony Maddox @Tony_m71 gives his views on Stoke

Fans View: Stoke fan Tony Maddox answers our questions on Stoke.

Why are you a Stoke supporter?

My dad used to take me to Stoke and Vale as a kid but from the age of 11 my best mates dad used to work for Royal Mail. My mate and I used to jump in the back of his van and help him to deliver his parcels so he would finish early and be back in Stoke for 1pm. He then took us to every home game which made me side with Stoke rather than Vale

When was you’re first game, who was it against?

My first game at The Victoria ground which my dad took me to I am pretty sure it was Tony Waddingtons Testimonial I was very young.

What’s the best away day you’ve been too?

Best away day is of course the FA Cup Semi final vs Bolton. If that is not counted then I would have to say Anfield despite some results it’s always a special day.

Who is the best Stoke player you’ve seen play live?

Best Stoke player I’ve seen live would probably be Mark Stein. Some memorable goals

What’s your assessment of this season, where do you Expect Stoke to finish?

I think this season is obviously way below the standards we have become to expect from Stoke. The heart has gone there is no leader in the dressing prepared to give out a B******ing. This is a minimum requirement. What happens on the pitch stays on the pitch so they can all still be friends after. I think Stoke will finish mid table. We have pulled a couple of results out of the hat let’s hope we can push on from those results

If Stoke were to implement one suggestion from a Stoke fan, what would you’re suggestion be and how could it help improve you’re Stoke experience?

The car park after the game is atrocious. Boothen end should have a slip road direct onto the a50 as an exit only. I know they don’t care once you’ve been and spent your money but the layout and exit points are terrible.

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