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Bauer Still believes he has a future at Stoke.

Moritz Bauer on his time at Celtic

“I don’t want the season to end. It was an exciting experience for me at Celtic, even if it went bitterly for me.

“Losing my place wasn’t down to my performances.

“I’m 28, only on loan from Stoke and relatively expensive.

“I understand what happened because Celtic are building the experience of a younger player.

“When the new season starts at Stoke, I now have the chance to get people talking again about me with my performances.

“I certainly dream of playing for Austria again.”

Can anyone see him playing in a Stoke shirt again?

FIFA warning to footballing bodies

Fifa warn Premier League not to rush season return after coronavirus delay and ‘not to risk human life’

Infantino said: “Our first priority, our principle, the one we will use for our competitions and encourage everyone to follow is that health comes first.

“I cannot stress this enough. No match, no competition, no league is worth risking a single human life.

“Everyone in the world should have this very clear in their mind.

“It would be more than irresponsible to force competitions to resume if things are not 100% safe.

What a Club we Support.

What a club we support.

Being a Stoke fans comes with its up & it’s downs, as fans we are open to ridicule from rival clubs fans. One thing we stand proud and say is that Stoke FC is a proud old club with history of changing the game.
One thing that we stand above all other clubs is it’s community spirit which runs from the top right down to the bottom.

The recent pandemic has shown just what a great club, we support. The owners set the benchmark and those bellow follow in their shadow.

The club through its Community Trust raises hundreds of thousands yearly for local charities. On top of that the Clubs CEO Tony Scholes raised £100k for the Dougie MAC Hospice as part of a team that skied to the Artic circle.

The owners right at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic stated even before the government made grants available that they would pay all Staff not only at the club but at bet365 100% of their wages till August, then Denise Coates via her foundation, has donated £10 million to the NHS.

The good will does not stop at those that run the club, the players have also stood up to be counted too. Joe Allen & James McClean have made very generous cash donations to the Donna Louise hospice. Tom Edwards has donated hundreds of items to help the NHS staff cope with wearing PPE during long shifts looking after Coronavirus patients.

Danny Batth has his own foundation which has donated 300 parcels of food & toiletries to the Black Country Hospital.

These are just the things that have made the press, I’m almost certain their are many more charitable donations made by the players.

It Makes you proud to be a Stoke supporter

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