Beswicks Sports agent Gary Mellor on how football is been affected by Covid-19

Gary Mellor talking on BBC Radio Stoke today about the effects of Covid-19 in football

There will be change, absolute change in the way Football is run all around the world
We at Beswicks sports have been taking calls from Argentina,Brazil & America. They are hurting even more than the English game. 

In  English football we are fortunate that we have the TV contracts in place at the top of the game.

I think the game will change, unfortunately the public’s perception of footballers is guided by the top 5% of players. 

The reality is their are a lot more players on £500-£600 a week rather than the £50k that gets banded about in the press. The narrative is to talk about that 5% at the very top, because that’s what people want to read about as those are the players on our tv screens. 

Every industry is going to suffer, lots of people will be out of work because of this situation. 

The EFL are reporting to be introducing a wage/salary cap into the 3 league, that will mean a lot of clubs will have to make very difficult decisions 

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