Fans View: Questions answered by Beswicks Sports’ Gary Mellor

Fans View with Beswicks Sports agent Gary Mellor

Why are you a Stoke supporter?

My family are a mining family from the North of the City and my Dad and his two brothers were Vale fans from Sneyd Green but luckily for me my Dad used to take me to Stoke one week and Vale the next and there was really no contest

What was you’re first game and who was it against

I can’t remember my first game but it was around 1969 and all I can remember was loving Stoke and especially Harry Burrows flying down the left wing

What’s your typical build up for a match day

Build up for match day changes from season to season and used to be going in to Stoke or the Trentham Hotel for a drink but the last few seasons we’ve had a table in the Waddington Suite so I am normally entertaining guests.

What’s the best away day you’ve been too?

Notts County in our promotion game with the late winner but the Valencia away game was special for different reasons as so proud of the Stoke following that day for numerous reasons

Who is the best Stoke player you’ve seen play live?

Jimmy Greenhoff it has to be even though Hudson at times was unbelievable

What’s your assessment of this season, where do you expect Stoke to finish?

Stoke will finish mid table but that has to be a disappointment given the owners massive investment

If Stoke were to implement one suggestion from a Stoke fan, what would you’re suggestion be and how could it help improve you’re Stoke experience?

Improve the traffic congestion after games ready for our return to the Premier League

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