Fans View: We asked Andrew Edwards his views on Stoke and why he supports them

We asked Stoke supporter Andrew Edwards (@AjeEdwards) his views on Stoke City and why he supports them

Why are you a Stoke supporter?

My father Joe played for Stoke in 40’s and was a season ticket holder in the Butler Street Corner, it was inevitable that I would be taken as soon as I was old enough to join him and my older brother David

When was you’re first game, who was it against?

My first game was Everton at home aged 5, of course it was in The Butler Street corner, my 2 memories were not football related, I was mesmerised by all the matches constantly lighting cigarettes in the Boothen Stand and leaning over the Butler Street corner looking over the Stoke End and seeing thousands of people singing and swaying!

What’s your typical build up for a match day?

Nothing special, I now watch from the main stand and I’m lucky enough to enjoy pre match hospitality, if we win its off to The White Lion, Barthomley to celebrate (not been much recently) or if not straight home to make my wife’s (Steph) Saturday evening a nightmare, but as a top Stokie herself, she get’s it!!

What’s the best away day you’ve been too?

I had so many, for so many different reasons!!! As a boy, Wembley 1972, as lad, Cold Blow Lane with the late Ian Bough, as a responsible adult, Cardiff away in play offs and Bolton at Wembley spring to mind!! I still wasn’t confident at Wembley until the 4th went in!!

Who is the best Stoke player you’ve seen play live?

This might sound silly to some but Mark Chamberlain! I remember every game he played up to being called up to England, Alan Hudson of course and my favourites will always be Jimmy Greenhoff and Ricardo!!!

What’s your assessment of this season, where do you expect Stoke to finish?

I really hope NJ can sort out the mess he inherited, I love his passion, I love that he kicks every ball, I just want him to be the man to make us great again, he a manager who I think can reignite our passion! Anywhere from 21st upwards

If Stoke were to implement one suggestion from a Stoke fan, what would you’re suggestion be and how could it help improve you’re Stoke experience?

It’s all about football, nothing else, if we have a winning team we have everything we need!!

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