How could it go so wrong?

How could it go so wrong

Stoke at one point during our time in the Premier League were classed as the club to emulate. A side that ruined Steven Gerrard’s last game when Stoke rolled over Liverpool 6-1. The club was so well run that all promoted sides wanted to be us, a club who despite our size were never in any threat of relegation. Stoke had a fan base that intimidated the opposition causing them to lose their heads.

Stoke had a squad with a blend of graft and no nonsense play, with players of true skill & talent.

Fast forward 4 years and umpteen managers Stoke are languishing second bottom of a poor Championship table. The squad is full of players who don’t give a Damn or just as worse players, just not good enough to put on the Stoke shirt.

How could this happen, we have one of the richest owners in World football owning our club. How can they oversee this regression without routing out the problem inside 4 years.

The owners need to ask themselves serious questions as to how we have managed to employ so many managers but nothing changed, surely one poor appointment can be forgiven, but Lambert, Rowett and Jones were gambles when a gamble was not what was needed. The fans had been shouting about the slide the club was on and all we here is “what’s all the fuss about”, well Peter, this is what the fuss is about.

The club has managed to get itself from a self sufficient Premier League club to a club on the verge of breaking FFP rules on over spending while sliding back into the lower leagues with no way of saving itself now.

I’m pretty sure at bet365 that Denise would not accept this kind of neglect from those running the club, that goes for Peter & now John who’s seen the majority of the demise under his watch. Tony Scholes is non less to blame for the slide, his role as CEO and day to day running of the club has been nothing short of laughable at times.

Going back to a club other wanted to aspire too, how many of those other clubs are this far behind trend. It’s taken years to get contactless in the concourses, even fruit & veg sellers in a pop up market have this but not a multi million pound football club, then their is the ticketing system that amazingly stopped hundreds of fans attending the first game due to the system not updating info onto some Supporters season cards. Admittedly this was rectified very quickly and compensation was offered to those missing out on game time, but this should never have been a problem to start with.

The club are always reactive and very rarely pro-active In it’s policies and ideas, that is apart from the SCFC Community Trust, which is the only part of the club that’s holding its own in the respect stakes.

Does the club need a rebrand under new ownership, that’s a step to far for me anyway, but some would disagree. The owners Do need to start admitting what’s gone wrong first though, then at least we can move forward.

Having owners who are big supporters of the club is a bonus, this is hurting them hopefully as much as us fans emotionally as well as financially.

Rich owners have their positives obviously but having owners who know what they are doing is more vital, the Coates family have taken their finger of the pulse during the transition from Peter to John, whether this was just that or more a reflection of whether John has enough knowledge to run the club. If that’s the case then we are in a pickle as their are not many Rich owners out their who would be willing to take Stoke on, so be careful what you wish for if you start shouting for the owners to leave.

The club needs to get back to what got us promoted in the first place, that’s not Tony Pulis before you ask, though he did help vastly with his ethos which worked in tandem with that of Peter. We need a structure and unbreakable structure from top to bottom.

That structure needs to be for everything especially transfers, non of this going against the process just because the managers wants him. If it’s a no from the CEO it’s a no full stop.

Obviously this process has some proper obstacles to oversee first, mainly how to get rid of the over priced, over paid players we have in our squad right now. A lot of these players have contracts running to 2021 a beyond, they are on wages that some Premier League clubs aren’t paying so the chance of us finding a club willing to take them is virtually nil.

Not only that we have to balance the books of signing them in the first place, for those that don’t know for accounting purposes contracts are amortised across the length so say a £16mill signing over a 4 year contract will going down in accounts as £4mill each year. So the likes of Wimmer & Imbula will go down as Huge deficit in this years coming accounts despite our massive reduction in revenue. This puts pressure on Tony Scholes when balancing the books for FFP purposes, though he didn’t help himself by giving him the contract in the first place.

Can you see further regression before we start to improve on & off the field

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