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Birmingham owners manage to annoy both sets of fans

  /  2021   /  Birmingham owners manage to annoy both sets of fans

Birmingham owners manage to annoy both sets of fans

First Away game of the season, Stoke will travel with just under 2000 fans despite the £35 ticket price.

Birmingham show out of touch a club can become by managing not only to piss off the away fans with the ticket pricing but also it’s own fans too.

The #20isPlenty hashtag got some battering last week when Birmingham announced the ticket prices for the fixture, amazingly not just for the Stoke fans. Birmingham fans were appalled for us and themselves as parts of the ground it was £40 for home fans. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, only days ago after the stadium being closed due to Covid rules for 18months the home fans were greeted by news that two of the stands at the stadium will be closed due to maintenance work they knew about 9 months ago. This meaning not all of the season ticket holders are able to attend the game.  This beggars belief, and shows how bad the club is ran of the pitch. Luckily for them they have secured a decent manager for the on field stuff, meaning Saturdays game isn’t easy despite the away side having 1/3 of the gate.

How do we usually fair against Birmingham 

There has been 105 meeting between the two sides with Stoke winning 44 to Birmingham’s 38.

Recent history has favoured Birmingham though, with them only losing 2 of the last 14 league fixtures.

In fact you’d have to have a good memory to remember the last league game Stoke won at St Andrew’s. I’d even dare say a good proportion of the fans travelling to Birmingham for the game weren’t even born. 

Last league victory at St Andrew’s

October 25 1988

Eleven times since that date Stoke have gone and failed to claim the 3 points. Stoke won the fixture 1-0 with a 73rd minute goal from Simon Stainrod.

Birmingham’s form this season.

It’s as simple and as good as Stoke’s played two won 2

Sheffield United 0-1 Birmingham

Birmingham 1-0 Colchester

Who to watch out for

Well the old saying that ex players always come back to bite us is something to be wary of on Saturday. Birmingham had two ex Stoke players starting against Sheffield United and are likely to do so against us. Scott Hogan & Ryan Wood are both very good players, unfortunately they just didn’t fit or suit Stoke at the time. 

Likely starting line up for Stoke.

Stoke played virtually a second team versus Fleetwood but all those that came in gave Michael O’Neill problem when it comes to who Starts versus Birmingham.

Saying that, I don’t see much difference to the side that started versus Reading, bar Souttar starting over Danny Batth, which ain’t no slur on Batth as he had a good game. 

Josh Tymon went of versus Reading with concussion and I’m unsure whether protocols means he misses the game or even if he’s fit enough to play.

Potential side

What do you think the result will be?

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