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Is it time to Start to Believe

  /  2021   /  Is it time to Start to Believe

Is it time to Start to Believe

Stoke have started this season better than virtually every Stoke fan believed we could of. Since relegation from the Premier league we have had false beliefs in the management and style they wanted to bring to the club. Michael O’Neill has not shouted from the rooftops of systems, he’s just brought in players that have improved out starting XI and got rid of the deadbeats in our squad.

Stoke have started to get an identify again, something for the fans to get behind and believe in. 

We have a young squad with a splattering of experience in Fletcher, Allen, Vrancic & Clucas. Our back 3 is without the best 3 in the league. Souttar, Ostigard and Wilmot can get stuck in with physicality and all 3 can get the ball down, also are accomplished passers of the ball. 

The majority of our passing is through the lines on the floor, but we can miss the midfield and hit Fletcher or Surridge if needs be, thus making us adaptable in style. Player of the season so far Jacob Brown’s improved so much this season & his constant running and defending from the front has been vital in how Stoke attack. He reminds me of how Jon Walters played, that’s about as good a compliment I can find for his start of the season.

Stoke fans have suffered over the past few years watching a team we felt apart from. The connection between the club, players and the fans had been growing for the past 5 years. O’Neill knows the importance of the fans, the players know this too. 

Performances doesn’t always guarantee wins, it helps but mistakes in game can often get punished. Myself as a Stoke fan, we just want to see identity and commitment in wanting to win the game, commitment in wanting to please the fans. This works both ways, as fans if we see that commitment then we must show that support back from the terraces.

It’s time to believe in what O’Neill and the players are trying to do. The championship is a difficult league to do well in and it’s not always the best side that succeeds, but having a game plan and commitment means you’ve always got a chance.


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