Sky Andrew Sings Stoke’s Praises


Whilst results on the pitch might not be the greatest at the moment, football agent Sky Andrew believes Stoke will pull through a tricky patch.

The man who has dealt with some of the country’s biggest stars sees Stoke as one of most professionally run sides in the Premier League.

Andrew told me: “Stoke have got some very good people at director and boardroom level running the club.

“They are one of the clubs that has progressed very well.”

Sky Andrew’s most high profile transfer was to oversee Sol Campbell’s move across North London from Tottenham to Arsenal in 2001.

Back then Stoke were in the third tier of English football, having seen their season ended in the 2000-01 play-offs by Walsall.

What a difference 15 years has made and, as Andrew points out: “If you look at the calibre of player that are joining the club now, Stoke have come a long way in recent years.”

Who would have thought we’d be regularly signing players from the likes of Barcelona back then?

We finished our chat with Andrew saying: “The best way to describe Stoke is class. Form varies, but class is permanent. Regardless of what things are like at the moment, the class will always shine through.”

Hopefully that class shines through on the pitch at Old Trafford…


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