What a transformation by O’Neill

What has Michael O’Neill brought to Stoke to warrant the transformation

When O’Neill was appointed Stoke sat bottom of the league with just 2 wins all season, we now sit 19th with 9 wins.

O’Neill has done this without adding a single player to the ranks as recent new signing Jordan Thompson hasn’t kicked a ball in anger yet.

Journalists & broadcaster Colin Murrey said at the time of O’Neill appointment. Michael O’Neill doesn’t have 1 ‘style’ – he manages what he has + gets best out of them. Tactically, for NI, he’s been great. Not afraid to make changes, and if u don’t give 100 per cent you WILL NOT PLAY. For us, he inspired pride, on + off pitch.

All of What Colin said is true, we have shown at times we can control the game and other times we have allowed opposing teams to control and we counter. He has got players working for each other and those not willing to give 100% have not played, in some cases been shown the door.

As I’ve said myself on social media Can you imagine what Michael O’Neill could do if he was allowed to spend the £50 odd million Rowett did or the amount of players Jones did. He changed us completely by just teaching the players their jobs

What do you expect for the rest of the season

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