What could Tyrese show about the future of the academy

It would be a disaster if Stoke lost Tyrese Campbell

Stoke need to take a long hard look at them selves if they lose Tyrese Campbell, not just because of the lost investment but because of the future outlook for the academy.

Tyrese was brought to the club by Mark Cartwright, Mark sold the club to Tyrese and his dad as a better way of progressing into the first team football rather than at Man City.

The club forked our £1.75mill for his services, which for a lad his age was a big deal.

Stoke now are under threat of losing our £1.75million signing for as little as £400k if he makes the cross border move to Rangers.

Tyrese was offered a new contract prior to Michael O’Neill being appointed manager at Stoke, O’Neill’s appointment hopefully has not come to late, as Tyrese wanted reassurances of game time after been sold Stoke as a club to better his chances of first team football.

Could Kevin Campbell now see Tyrese’s game time as a means to get him sign a new contract or will he see it as I hope it is, in that Michael O’Neill sees Tyrese as his best striker and that’s why he is playing.

Campbell has been offered an improved contract offer in the past week, an offer that’s comparable with what Rangers are offering him. It’s now up to Kevin & Tyrese to decide whether they still think Stoke is the best place for first team football to continue his progression.

If Campbell doesn’t think his prospects of playing the amount of First team football he wants is at Stoke, then how will that look for those currently in the academy set up, and for an future hopes of attracting top quality youngsters

Interesting few weeks for the club

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