What will happen with the Season

Is it feasible that this season could be played out to a conclusion?

Stoke have 9 fixtures left to play so that’s a months worth of games at least, if by some kind of magic this virus runs its course by the end of June then it’s quiet possible to get the last game played on August 1st. 

This would allow time for a break till September 5th for the new season to start. Only 4 weeks behind schedule, though none of the teams would have premseason games & fitness camps. The lost time can easily be made up during the season. 

Problem lies if the season doesn’t start till after June 31st. Is it’s possible to carry on the season to a finish or does the FA risk the incoming law suits from the likes of Liverpool, Leeds & WBA. Some other problems coming into play if the season goes beyond June 31st & that’s players contracts.

Those who’s contract ends on that date would be within their right to not play beyond that date for their current club, loan deals to would end so could leave football clubs squads light in some areas. 

What do you think will happen to the season?

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