What’s changed with Substitutes

What’s changed since we last played

Well the main change is with the number of substitutes allowed on the bench & entering the field of play.

Pre Covid-19 a team was allowed to make 3 substitutes from the 7 players picked for the bench. This has now been increased to 5 substitutes from 9 players on the bench.

The change was implemented due to the high volume of games in such a short space of time. It was suggested it could allow clubs to try and ease the pressure on the players by allowing more rotation.

The rule

Clubs can make 5 substitutes, though they are only allowed the same 3 breaks in play to make them, only other time a sub can be made outside these 3 windows is during the half time break.

The keeping of the 3 stoppages was to stop teams breaking momentum during the game by keep making subs.

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